What Senior Care Should Be

  • PSW caregivers managed and supervised by Registered Nurses
  • Competitive rate to regular care
  • Toronto & GTA
  • Since 1995


Eldercare Home Health has been providing quality senior care in Toronto and the GTA since 1995. Our PSW caregivers are supervised and directed by Registered Nurses. We provide care at Home, in Retirement Homes, in Nursing Homes and in Hospitals at a cost that is competitive with regular agencies. If you’re looking for the best senior care possible for an elderly parent or family member, or if you're acting as the Power of Attorney for a senior who needs home care, we can help.

Eldercare Home Health was founded by a Registered Nurse

Lisa Wiseman BScN., RN., GNC(C) is the President of Eldercare Home Health and oversees all care provided. She personally interviews and hires each of our PSW (Personal Support Worker) caregivers.

We work only with seniors

We are 100% specialized and committed to the care of seniors. Most of our clients are over 80 and we often see clients who are over 100.

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Trusted senior care for out of town families

We very much appreciate the prompt response and fine care provided by all of you. You brought comfort to my mother during her final days and hours and alleviated much of our stress as well, particularly since circumstances were such that we could not be in the city constantly.

~ Mrs. Chernos, Clients daughter

Senior care by  professionals – we assign a Registered Nurse (RN) to each of our Clients

The RN becomes the contact person for that client. If there are any questions, concerns or suggestions, the Nurse is the person who can help make things happen. All of our Nurses report directly to Lisa. Contact us.

A Registered Nurse is on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week

The on-call Registered Nurse is always available when needed, whether by the senior receiving care, our on-site caregiver or our client’s family. There is no additional charge for this service.

Registered Nurses supervise our elderly client’s care

Eldercare Home Health senior care services on Classical 96.3FM

Eldercare Home Health senior care services on Classical 96.3FM

Unlike so-called “non-medical” senior care providers, our Registered Nurses understand each client’s medical conditions so we can help make sure our clients are receiving the best care possible.

We advocate for seniors

We understand the medical system. Because we are healthcare professionals, we advocate for our elderly clients  to ensure they receive the medical attention they really need.

All PSW caregivers are supervised by a Registered Nurse

Our Nurses case manage each client’s care, are in frequent contact with the on-site PSW (Personal Support Worker) caregivers, and visit each of our Clients regularly.

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Eldercare Home Health clients receive PSW care that is supervised and case managed by Registered Nurses, at no extra cost. Registered Nurse supervision and case management means significantly better care for your parent, and real peace of mind for you.

Learn more about what makes us different from other senior care providers.

FREE assessment by a Registered NurseCall Now! 416 482-8292

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In summary: Eldercare Home Health has been providing Registered Nurse supervised and case managed care to seniors in Toronto and the GTA, since 1995. If you’re looking for elder care (also called senior care or home care) for an elderly family member or friend, call us.