The importance of senior rehab – the distance between knowledge and action can be a killer…

Senior rehab

Senior Rehab is essential in helping those who have suffered a set-back, get back on their feet – often literally. Maybe it’s part of the human condition that we can know so much and yet act so little. Nowhere was that more apparent than in a hospital family meeting that I attended yesterday.  The Client, […]

Prescription review essential when seniors being discharged

Prescription review

Sometimes during the course of a person’s hospitalization their medication regimen is changed. Sometimes however, there are oversights, errors or as in this case, printer problems. So many times one problem compounds another and the end result is a dangerous mess of mixed up medications that goes unnoticed until a person becomes unwell or experiences […]

Eldercare Home Health Service Area – Care For Seniors In Toronto, North York, Scarborough and The GTA . PSW Care Supervised By Registered Nurses


Eldercare Home Health provides care for seniors in Toronto within the following area: South to the lake North to Highway 7 East to McCowan West to Kipling There are exceptions. If you’d like to know if we can provide care in your area, please don’t hesitate to call us at: 416 482-8292 Included in the […]

Parkinson Society Spring/Summer Speaker series – Drug Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease

Malcolm Marcus and Pharmacist Greta Mah at the Parkinson Society

The final session of the Parkinson Society Central & Northern Ontario branch Spring/Summer Speaker series, sponsored by Eldercare Home Health, featured speaker Greta Mah, BscPhm. RPh. C.G.P., speaking on drug therapy for Parkinson’s disease. Greta is a Pharmacist and facilitator of the Living Well with Parkinson’s program at North York General Hospital. Drug Therapy for […]

Where is the Professionalism in Nursing?

Providing quality senior care means hiring terrific Nurses. We’re hiring, again. And it is an exciting time. It means that our company is growing and that our concept of quality senior care is an important and necessary one. But interviewing for the Registered Nurse Case Manager role is incredibly challenging. It is a time that […]

Paying caregivers under the table puts everyone at risk

Town Crier article - Under the table caregivers putting everyone at risk

Families looking for care solutions for elderly relatives sometimes end up considering paying caregivers under the table, in “cash” arrangements. Caregivers are found privately and through employment agencies, or nannies are “re-assigned” to senior care duties. They are hired for “cash” with no taxes, EI or Workers Compensation payments made. The risks with these “cash” […]

Parkinson Society Spring/Summer Speaker series – Love, Intimacy & Parkinson’s

The Parkinson Society Central & Northern Ontario branch did a wonderful job hosting the event featuring speaker Gila Bronner, Director, Sex Therapy Service, Sexual Medicine Center, Dept. of Urology; Sheba Medical Center, Tel-Hashomer, ISRAEL. Gila spoke about issues relating to intimacy, sex, and emphasized the importance of personal time – time where the person with […]

Parkinson Society Spring/Summer speaker series

The Parkinson Society Central & Northern Ontario branch presents its Spring/Summer Speaker series. 1. May 9, 2012—Love, Intimacy & Parkinson’s: Gila Bronner; Director, Sex Therapy Service, Sexual Medicine Center, Dept. of Urology; Sheba Medical Center, Tel-Hashomer, ISRAEL 2. July 25, 2012—Financial Planning & Disability Tax Credits: What you need to know 3. August 22, 2012—Medication […]