Senior Care Specialists – Client Feedback

Dear Ms Wiseman: “We are so grateful for the care that Jean gives our mother. We welcome her each week and are at ease knowing that she is so well taken care of. Jean is always cheerful and warm. She is intelligent and shows genuine concern not only for the welfare of our mother, but […]

Regular physical activity can save lives but will never be trendy – a rant about senior health and fitness

In today’s Globe and Mail The Bloomberg Manulife Prize For The Promotion of Active Health was announced. It has been awarded to Dr. Steven Blair who’s research shows that as little as 30 minutes of moderate physical activity per day is all it takes to decrease mortality rates by 50 per cent. He says lack […]

Mental health: depression and exercise

Here’s an interesting statistic; According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, mental illness will be experienced by 20% of the population in any given year. Depression affects people of all ages. The one treatment that does not involve drugs or specific psychiatric interventions is exercise. All types of exercise have been found to provide […]

Yoga for seniors – Medically proven, but not found on a prescription pad

What has been shown to relieve headaches, insomnia, back pain and fatigue? Furthermore has been shown to relieve stress and mild depression? Helps to prevent osteooporosis and improves digestion? A miracle cure? No, it’s practicing yoga on a regular basis. There are even some claims that yoga for seniors may help regulate heart beat, and […]

Mental Health Treatment for Seniors and our Nursing Practice

Last night I, along with eight members of the Eldercare Home Health Care team, attended a dinner and presentation featuring John Thomas, who is a member of the geriatric mental health outreach team at Baycrest. John did a great job, as he always does, highlighting the signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety in the […]

Senior’s weight : a simple indicator that professionals are ‘too busy’ to take note of

“Accurate weight measuring is a simple yet often neglected aspect of basic care that contributes significantly to determining an individual’s overall and nutritional health” (Canadian Nurse October 2011 Volume 107 Number 8 p20) In an article entitled Taking the Weight, authors report that the lack of weight measurement and documentation in a facility setting were […]

Hospital meals gone terribly wrong: impractical foods that can lead to malnutrition in seniors

A Client’s wife told me of her experience with the delivery of meals to patients in a hospital setting. Mrs “Smith” spent her days in hospital by her husband’s bedside. He was elderly, was diagnosed with dementia and had recently had a stroke. Mrs Smith spent long days in that hospital room which housed four […]

Parkinsons Society Education Event

Just a reminder that tomorrow, October 12, 2011 we will be on site at the Toronto Botanical Gardens where Dr. Mario Masellis will speak on the topic of Mind, Mood & Memory. The Parkinsons Society is running the event from 6:30pm-9:00pm and it is free to attend. Hoping to see you there!