Hospital meals gone terribly wrong: impractical foods that can lead to malnutrition in seniors

A Client’s wife told me of her experience with the delivery of meals to patients in a hospital setting. Mrs “Smith” spent her days in hospital by her husband’s bedside. He was elderly, was diagnosed with dementia and had recently had a stroke. Mrs Smith spent long days in that hospital room which housed four […]

Parkinsons Society Education Event

Just a reminder that tomorrow, October 12, 2011 we will be on site at the Toronto Botanical Gardens where Dr. Mario Masellis will speak on the topic of Mind, Mood & Memory. The Parkinsons Society is running the event from 6:30pm-9:00pm and it is free to attend. Hoping to see you there!

True Senior Care Story – Eldercare Home Health

A client’s daughter became concerned with the worsening of a rash on her father’s lower back. Being the weekend, and having a strong aversion to a long wait in an emergency or urgent care clinic, she called a visiting Doctor service and booked a housecall. The physician who came to the door was a senior […]

Geriatric Emergency Management (GEM) Conference Sept. 20 to 22, 2011

Geriatric Emergency Management (GEM) Conference Sept. 20 to 22, 2011. The focus is better health outcomes for frail seniors. Eldercare Home Health is pleased to be an exhibitor at the event. See you there!

Alzheimer Society: Public Education Series

We often find ourselves with the opportunity to work with Clients who have Alzheimer Disease. For that reason we have our staff complete a certification program through the Alzheimer Society and we keep on top of the latest research developments. In the latest newsletter, I came across a listing of educational events being offered and […]

Sponsors of the Parkinsons Foundation speakers series

We are pleased to announce our participation as a sponsor for the Parkinsons Foundation’s Speakers series. We will be on site at the Toronto Botanical Gardens on October 12, 2011 where Dr. Mario Masellis will speak on the topic of Mind, mood & memory. The evening runs from 6:30pm-9:00pm and is free to attend.

The Most Helpful Prescriptions you will never receive- Health Tips

We know that it is not inevitable that with advanced age comes physical disability and mental frailty. In fact, we know a lot about strategies for aging well. Somehow, this knowledge seldom passes from the medical and health journals to the health professionals’ clinical practices and on to their patients. For next number of days, […]

Shouldn’t Senior Care be delivered 7 days per week?

Today is August 1st, a civic holiday (not a stat day). And yes, those of us who work at Eldercare Home Health are working. This includes front line careproviders, the Registered Nurse Case Managers, the Bookkeeper, the Administrative Assistant and me, the President, all working to provide quality senior care, 24/7. You may find it […]