Dehydration in seniors: If you think your mouth is dry, what about your brain?

Dehydration seniors

How dehydration in seniors confuses the brain I was about 70 when I learned first-hand how dehydration confuses the brain. I was still flying gliders then. It was a miserably hot and humid day. I hadn’t had a drink of water for hours. I had just taken off, with my wife in the front seat […]

Power of Attorney – what it is, why you need it, when you should assign it, and how to get started.

Power of Attorney

Why you should Assign Power of Attorney (POA) Assigning Power of Attorney is about arranging for other people to make decisions about and manage all aspects of your life should you become incapable of doing so yourself. It is essential that you do this while you still have your full mental capabilities. You’ll need to […]

Senior home care – what it is & how to access it

Senior Home Care Toronto

Knowing what to ask is the first step in getting the senior home care services that you need. Whether your uncle is returning home from the hospital, or your mom is just not safe at home on her own anymore, having the right senior home care can make a huge difference in his or her […]

Even the smartest seniors can be fooled by a fraud, con or scam – new research shows why.

Fraud, con or scam seniors

As we age, the part of our brain that makes us skeptical can deteriorate. But it’s normal, not a disease. Here’s how to help the seniors in your family protect themselves from a fraud, con or scam artist. Study finds that the ability to doubt is located in the brain’s prefrontal cortex A study lead […]

Spirituality can help provide the relief caregivers need.

Spirituality for senior care caregivers

Spirituality means different things to each of us. Finding what works for you can make a big difference for you and the person you are caring for. Health Canada tells us  that most Canadian family caregivers assume their responsibilities in a typically Canuck way. They just get on with it, positive about their ability to […]

Home Care Services For Your Elderly Parent: 7 Questions To Ask So That You Can Make The Right Choice.

7 Questions To Ask When Arranging Home Care For Seniors

Scenario 1: The hospital calls you at work to tell you that they are ready to send your 92-year-old uncle home tomorrow. Scenario 2: Your mom takes a nasty fall and is no longer safe at home on her own. You need to arrange senior care, and you need to do it quickly. But how? […]

Finding the right chair for seniors

lift chair for seniors

When evaluating a new chair for seniors comfort, safety and therapeutic value come before style. Armrests are a big help Seniors may develop difficulties with balance. Things that they used to do with ease, like bending and backing down into a chair may become a challenge. The armrests of a chair can provide support when […]

5 surprising tips for senior safety

Surprising tips for senior safety that will help your elderly family member feel safer and more independent at home. Switching to a cordless phone can help a senior avoid falls. Health Canada, advises that seniors consider using a cordless phone (connected to your regular phone line – not a cell phone) around the home. A cordless […]