Phillips Lifeline, Apple Watch 4 and “medical alert” systems – a senior’s point of view

Apple Watch series 4 fall detection and alert

If you’ve had a fall, or have a health condition that could lead to you needing help, a medical alert system like Phillips Lifeline or the Apple Watch 4 could be for you.  A medical alert system can contribute to your “peace of mind” and help you live life of your own terms. Back when […]

Medical cannabis – why my 82 year old wife decided to try it

Cannabis Sativa leaf

“Almost all my friends – all seniors like my wife and I – are taking some kind of prescription pharmaceutical to help them sleep,” my wife told me. That was not good news. It certainly wasn’t in my wife’s case. Her pharmaceutical was supposed to be for short-term use. If her M.D. ever told her […]

The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair – an agricultural fair full of fun and wonders!

woman holding rabbit at the royal agricultural winter fair

How long since you last visited the the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair – the largest indoor agricultural fair in the world? There’s so much to do, enjoy and learn – from some of the finest equestrian events in the world, to sheep-herding, to the tricks of the PC SuperDogs®, to seeing real farm animals up […]

Smart dogs, fun dogs, beautiful dogs! Take in a dog show for an Autumn day treat.

Dog chasing a lure in lure coursing. Some smart dogs sometimes even catch the lure!

Dogs make me laugh. Although I’m not a dog owner, I think I can read them pretty well. My daughter has two Maltese terriers, one of my sons has a beautiful golden retriever and the other has a French and an English bulldog. All of these dogs are just mush balls of fun and affection! […]

How to beat Toronto’s sky-high box office prices with discount tickets for shows

Discount tickets to shows

Good news! Discount tickets for shows you’d love to see are available without you having to stand out in the cold or the rain or the blazing heat for rush tickets. The question is, where can you look for deals? This warranted a smack on my forehead. For discount tickets for shows – first up, […]

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy the affection of a gentle animal at a petting zoo or farm

Here I am saying hello to the camel at the

There are many kinds of farms where you can spend a pleasant afternoon. Winery farms. Pick-your-own farms. But, far as I’m concerned, a petting farm is a whole other thing. There’s something wonderful about getting up close to farm animals who are eager to mooch a few bites of food and enjoy a pat on […]

Volunteering for seniors

volunteering for seniors

I’m your leading example. I’ve never been a “joiner.” But I found my niche as a volunteer when I responded to an ad by the Rotman Research Institute at Toronto’s Baycrest Centre. I participated in a number of memory studies over about a year. Each involved an afternoon at Baycrest and live and computer-based memory […]

How do Spring activities and artists go together? Just enjoy one of these nearby artist studio tours!

Artist Studio Tours

So I asked Colin Whitebread about the back-story to his paintings. Colin is one of the painters on the West Durham Studio Tour (just two days) that we enjoyed on April 22, 2018. “It’s all influenced by Mexico. I was a high-school art teacher and took groups of kids to a small village in Mexico […]