Great day trips for seniors, near Toronto

Crawford Lake longhouse

October 22, 2014 by Cubby

The Iroquois longhouses are at Crawford Lake Conservation Area, southwest of Milton. When we were younger and more agile, my wife and kids and I would explore the park’s limestone caves. Later, we took young grandchildren to learn about Iroquois life in the area long before Europeans arrived. Now, we’d cherish a stroll along the […]

A Skype call makes “visiting” friends and family as easy as a phone call, and a lot more fun!


October 01, 2014 by Cubby

My wife and I discovered how wonderful it is to make video calls when one of our granddaughters moved to Helsinki for her last year of university. I downloaded Skype from the Internet for free and, because my computer didn’t have a built-in camera, I bought an inexpensive one that clipped onto the top of the […]

Wonderful things can happen for seniors moving to a condo.


September 16, 2014 by Cubby

In a nutshell, we should have done it ten years ago! It’s taught me a few things about being open to possibilities. Surprise: People talk to you! Seniors moving to a condo apartment will find that it’s much less anonymous than a free-standing house or townhouse. We didn’t know this. Neither of us had ever lived […]

Surprise! Seniors get as much out of reading to children as the children do.

reading to children

August 08, 2014 by Cubby

I was born in the thirties. My family was middle class – My Dad sat me on his knee just about every evening and read Br’er Rabbitt in the Montreal Star to me. The memory has lasted all of my 79 years. It stimulates the sweetest of my feelings about my late father. And who […]

Plug in a hearing aid – it may be good for your brain, not just your hearing!

Audiology hearing aid clinic

July 24, 2014 by Cubby

I’m 79. My brain is shrinking. So is yours… That’s normal. But it was a major surprise to discover in a Johns Hopkins Medicine article that hearing loss accelerates brain shrinkage. The information is from the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging that the National Institute on Aging started in 1958. It follows various health factors […]

Stair safety – what I’ve learned, that can help keep you safe

Stair safety

June 24, 2014 by Cubby

I wonder – does your experience match mine? When you climb stairs your knees wobble and cause you to lose your balance. If you’re climbing stairs and carrying something with both hands you may use two feet on each step. You fear tripping on the way up the stairs. My osteoarthritic knees, after 79 years, […]

Low sodium foods: How to make shopping for them easier

PC Blue Menu no salt added chickpeas

April 01, 2014 by Cubby

Low sodium foods are still not easy to find at the supermarket. I had congestive heart failure last August, so my wife and I have had to figure out where to look for low sodium foods. And we have learned that we don’t have to give up pleasure from our food to get the low sodium […]

If you’re on a low sodium diet, that specialty coffee may push you over your daily limit.

Cup of coffee

March 12, 2014 by Cubby

Simply put – A satisfying cup of coffee and a sandwich or a snack could take you beyond even a healthy person’s recommended daily salt intake. Fortunately nutrition information – including sodium information is available on many fast food company’s websites. Tim Hortons and McDonald’s provide excellent nutritional information on their websites. You can also […]

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