Senior safety at home

June 03, 2011 by Lisa Wiseman BScN, RN, GNC (C), CHPCN (C)

There are so many elements to consider in a home safety assessment. The priority will always depend on the abilities and the wishes of the individual Client. Below are some commom themes and issues that need to be addressed in any home safety assessment. Also, a long distance home safety assessment is not ideal. This […]

Senior Home Safety in the News and always on our minds

June 01, 2011 by Lisa Wiseman BScN, RN, GNC (C), CHPCN (C)

There’s a terrific series in the paper this week that brings to light the huge number of seniors experiencing falls. Falls experienced by seniors are important and often life threatening events. I am always amazed when someone casually mentions that a senior has had a fall. To me it’s a tragedy, a red flag, a […]

Insufficient senior care- true story

April 21, 2011 by Lisa Wiseman BScN, RN, GNC (C), CHPCN (C)

A woman called me today. Her husband, age 95 years, lives in a Toronto Nursing Home receiving round the clock senior care, and yet she rightfully fears for his comfort, safety and well being. Her husband suffered a stroke and as a result has difficulties swallowing safely. The speech-language pathologist who assessed him in hospital […]

Caring for someone with dementia: it’s all about the approach and attitude

March 10, 2011 by Lisa Wiseman BScN, RN, GNC (C), CHPCN (C)

Last night at a meeting of the Gerontological Nursing Association, Toronto Chapter, we had the opportunity to hear John Thomas, Psychogeriatric Resource Consultant speak about Responsive Behaviours in Dementia Care. John shared some useful information and approaches. He has a favoured way to describe the way that dementia is related to Alzheimers. He asserts that […]

When is a cold more than a cold?

January 31, 2011 by Lisa Wiseman BScN, RN, GNC (C), CHPCN (C)

We received a phone call from a concerned daughter. Her 82 year old mother was seemingly suffering with a cold and had absolutely no energy. As a result, she was neither eating nor drinking reliably. The daughter thought it would be wise to have a caregiver spend some time with her mother, reminding her to […]

Alzheimer’s Interview by

January 17, 2011 by Lisa Wiseman BScN, RN, GNC (C), CHPCN (C)

Woman freezes to death in city’s northeast end… We were contacted today by a reporter at to provide advice to the public on how to avoid a tragedy like this one; a 66year old woman, suffering from dementia, wandered out of her home at 2am and was found dead of hypothermia at 5am in […]

Now hiring Registered Nurses. Help us find great people!

January 06, 2011 by Lisa Wiseman BScN, RN, GNC (C), CHPCN (C)

We are now hiring registered nurses! Employment – Registered Nurse Case Managers We’re always interested in talking with bright, energetic people who share our values and interest in working with the elderly. We currently have openings for 2 Registered Nurse Case Managers. These are full time positions. If you or someone you know is interested […]

Nurses Week Celebration

June 14, 2010 by Lisa Wiseman BScN, RN, GNC (C), CHPCN (C)

On May 12, 2010 we participated in a celebration of Nurses Week with the Gerontological Nursing Association. We had a diverse audience made up of Nursing Students, Nurses in active practice as well as several honoured guests, now living at the Belmont Nursing Home, who were retired Nurses. Talk about perspective! The most experienced of […]

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