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Buttonville Airport 1960 aerial photo

November 28, 2017 by Cubby

Looking back is fun. I arrived in Toronto from Montreal in 1959, In the Sixties, I remember that a drive from my home in Bathurst Manor to Buttonville airport with my kids was an outing. A genuine event. Buttonville was out in farm country north of Toronto. Now the airport is being overwhelmed by growth. […]

Hippocratic: Global Insights into Palliative Care

Poster for Hippocratic: Global Insights into Palliative Care

November 24, 2017 by Lisa Wiseman BScN, RN, GNC (C), CHPCN (C)

The film follows the work and career of Dr. MR Rajagopal, of India, as he moves from reluctant medical student to global leader in Palliative Care. The film’s central subject, Dr. Rajagopal, uses excerpts from the autobiography ‘The Story of my experiments with truth’ by Mahatma Gandhi, to persuade his audience that more care services […]

What to do this weekend? Sample the refreshing world of craft beer in the GTA!

Old Flame Brewing Co., Port Perry - about an hour from Toronto. That’s a “flight” of beers in the photo - ideal for trying a few varieties of craft beer

November 18, 2017 by Cubby

So here’s the truth: I was searching for a blog theme and I thought, “How about craft breweries?” They’re popping up like mushrooms all over the GTA. Maybe they’d make a nice, ”what to do this weekend” change from the usual chain restaurant. So off I went. Well, what a lesson that was! If you […]

Terrific PSW Caregivers don’t grow on trees – part 2

Home care caregiver seated on sofa with elderly client enjoying newspaper

November 08, 2017 by Lisa Wiseman BScN, RN, GNC (C), CHPCN (C)

One of the first things most callers ask about is our rates. They ask about rates because they really don’t know how else to make a decision on which company to hire for their parent’s care. The assumption is that all senior care companies are more or less the same, so just get the one […]

Terrific PSW Caregivers don’t grow on trees

Home care caregiver with client

November 07, 2017 by Lisa Wiseman BScN, RN, GNC (C), CHPCN (C)

Even so, finding people who are terrific, qualified, and ready to work, is still very challenging. A recent newspaper article headlined stories about how the jobs available to graduates of some universities is 4:1. The owner of Chudleigh’s apple farm and makers of all things apple, was quoted as saying that they cannot hire all […]

Magic tricks – amaze your grandkids with these easy-to-learn tricks!

magic trick with 5 of hearts being shown

October 02, 2017 by Cubby

It hit me out of the blue the other day. There’s a whole bunch of magic tricks that are easy to learn, easy to pull off and that will leave grandkids (and their parents) goggle eyed. Here, I’ve put together some links that include videos so you can learn them easily. It’s a good idea […]

Hospital discharge – 5 things you can do to help your elderly patients avoid returning to the hospital.

emergency department - hospital discharge - 5 things you can do to help prevent readmission

August 09, 2017 by Lisa Wiseman BScN, RN, GNC (C), CHPCN (C)

Seniors who are discharged from hospital have been found to have a very high rate of re-admission through the Emergency department . This is a heartbreaking finding; seniors may present for re-admission with further physical injury, additional care needs rendered through emerg adds costs to the ‘system’, and last but not least, these re-admissions can […]

Car for seniors: What’s best for you?

car for seniors

April 05, 2017 by Cubby

You used to have to think about everyone else – your daughter’s volleyball team had to fit, your son’s tuba had to fit… or maybe you had to have a car that matched your profession and looked good in a client’s driveway. Guess what? Now’s your time! So what is the best car for you? […]

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