Eldercare Home Health understand the challenges for seniors who have Parkinson's disease

Things may have been pretty normal – even though your parent was diagnosed with Parkinson’s years ago. But now things have changed. Falls and loss of weight are signs that your parent needs help.

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What you may not know about Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease can affect a person’s movement, balance and posture; it can result in shaking, fatigue and rigidity. It can affect swallowing and affect your parent’s ability to get a good night’s sleep. There is no cure for Parkinson’s but there are medications, therapies and regimens that can help.

Medications such as levodopa and dopamine agonists can be effective but dosages need to be closely and continually monitored and adjusted as needed as the disease progresses, and care providers need to be aware of significant side effects.

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Physical activity can be beneficial in helping to maintain mobility and improve your parent’s quality of life. A regular program of exercise or participation in classes that are specifically designed for participants with Parkinson’s, such as tai chi, can be beneficial on both a physical and social level.

Home care services that make a difference

You met with us in the hospital and then came to the team meeting. Before my wife was discharged you did an on site safety assessment of our home. Once she was home you provided consistent, professional care. She improved right away – within the first week! I don’t know of any other home care services company that does all that Eldercare Home Health does. We’re very happy.

~ Mr. Colford

Registered Nurse case managed PSW care makes the difference (at no additional cost)

At Eldercare Home Health we’ve been providing care for clients with Parkinson’s since 1995.

A real, Ontario Registered, Registered Nurse (not a franchise owner, sales person or PSW) will assess your parent at no charge.

We will assign a Registered Nurse Case Manager to the care of your parent (at no additional cost).

We understand Parkinson’s medications and the side effects. We will liaise with your parent’s doctor, pharmacist and other members of the healthcare team on a professional level. We’ll also advocate for your parent.

Eldercare Home Health is “plugged in” to the various resources for clients with Parkinson’s in Toronto, and we are well acquainted with many of the top Parkinson’s specialists in Toronto.

We understand the issues that your parent with Parkinson’s deals with every day. And we know that you may be worried about falls and safety. Our goal is to provide the care your parent needs and the peace of mind that you need.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

Eldercare Home Health was the Official Sponsor of the Parkinson Society Central & Northern Ontario branch Spring/Summer 2012 Speaker events. See: Love, Intimacy & Parkinson’s and Drug Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease.

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In summary: Eldercare Home Health has been providing Registered Nurse case managed PSW care for elderly clients with Parkinson’s disease since 1995.